Consulting for Transportation & Logistics Companies

At Metafora, we understand that this is so much more than getting from point A to point B. You’re ready to grow your business. You’re ready to directly address your pain points, and maybe that means bringing on extra help.


Metafora has a deep knowledge of the components that contribute to growth and profitability for transportation and logistics companies at all stages of your journey. We have been in your shoes. We get your pain points and goals.


Today, it’s more valuable than ever to get scalable, outside help from experts who understand your industry and are passionate about your transformation & progress. 


Metafora is your trusted partner who will jump at the chance to help carriers, freight brokers, shippers, and tech vendors do great things.

Metafora Transportation and management consulting

What are your pain points?

I’m not growing.

Maybe you have a clear idea of how to grow, but your team is lacking bandwidth. Maybe you need help breaking out of a plateau. Or maybe you’re not sure where to start. No matter which stage of your growth you are in, Metafora can help. We provide:

I am struggling to retain talent.

High turnover is a widespread challenge to overcome in logistics and transportation. Metafora has identified key areas to address to make your company one that employees want to work with for a long time. We recommend:

My technology feels outdated or insufficient.

We are passionate experts in tech strategy. We help you figure out the best path toward modern technology that give you a competitive advantage in this rapidly changing market. We provide:

I feel like we’re wasting money.

Eliminate waste and let cost savings improve your bottom line. Employ Metafora to help you with:

Our processes are a mess.

Your business needs processes that are smart and effective. These processes need to be properly documented and standardized to ensure accuracy and efficiency across your organization. Metafora provides process-focused solutions:

  • Business Process Assessment
  • Process Mapping
  • Business Process Documentation 
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Process Improvement

My customer relationships are weak.

Improving relationships is key to the future of this industry. Metafora understands the relationships between shippers, carriers, intermediaries, and drivers. We provide the following solutions to improve your customer relationships:

I am struggling with third party carriers.

We provide the following solutions to improve your third party carrier relationships:

My employees aren’t achieving their full potential.

Metafora believes that technology + people = magic. We have services that focus on your people. This way, you can rest assured that your technology isn’t going to waste and that your people are successful and satisfied. Let Metafora help with:

We don't know what we don't know.

Investigating your options is a great place to start. We’ve seen under the hoods of plenty of companies in the transportation and logistics industry, and we have a healthy view of the industry overall, including the competition. If you suspect your business could be better, it probably can be. Metafora provides:

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For the carriers, 3PLs, and brokers who are ready to go the extra mile towards growth, profitability, and overall improvement: it’s time to consider Metafora.

Are you ready to see how far your business can go?

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