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Build a Deeper Bench, and Reduce Ramp, and Increase Retention

As the brokerage industry evolves, we need a new approach to training. Currently, when brokers grow from small teams to large teams, the burden of training lands one of two places: on the employee, or on the knowledge stakeholders. We consistently hear stories of high performers that try to become a trainer, or we hear the horror stories of a “sink or swim” mentality on brokerage floors.


If these stories resonate with you then we are here with a solution.

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Are you struggling with any of these pain points with your internal training?

Pulling high performers off the floor and into the classroom?

Reduce the burden of training that currently falls on your existing star performers. Sync Logistics Training covers the foundations, essentials, and advanced knowledge and skills that your employees need to be successful. With this, your best employees are still available for shadowing and mentorship, but not tasked with the time-consuming responsibilities of knowledge transfer training.

Using leadership to create and draft endless years of knowledge into training material?

Sync Logistics Training developed training materials from years of experience directly in the industry. Our content creators are true experts with a deep understanding of the history of transportation and logistics and what we need to learn to make the best progress and growth now.

Taking bandwidth away from your managers to lead training in your organization?

Enable and encourage your managers to focus on what they are best with. You of course want them to be available for company-specific and role-specific questions, but the bulk of training can be completed by outside experts.

Struggling to keep new hires engaged in their training journey with only written content?

Everyone has different learning styles. You need a training that offers variety and flexibility. Written content AND video, simulation, demos, etc. Sync Logistics Training has you covered.

This is why Metafora + Kinetic created Sync Logistics Training.


Sync Logistics Training is a Learning Management Software that gives your brokerage the power to transfer years of industry knowledge to your new hire employees in an engaging and effective platform. By using a mix of video courses, simulations, and quizzes your new hires will reach new heights faster.


With Sync Logistics Training you can:

  • Reduce the burden on management
  • Increase retention of new hires
  • Increase employee utilization rates in their first 180 days
  • Increase speed of knowledge transfer through engagement
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Implement enterprise level course content at a fraction of the cost
  • Minimize time to employee utilization


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