Transportation & Logistics: Technology Strategy

We bridge the gap between your business goals and the technology that powers them.

We help clients catch up, blaze the trail ahead, or level-set on the right systems and business changes needed to meet their goals.

Companies invest in freight tech for many reasons and define "success" differently.

Firms use technology to improve employees’ lives, minimize human error, leverage data, differentiate themselves, or to simply enable growth.

Regardless of the rationale for investing in freight tech, we know four truths.

  1. Technology doesn’t solve every problem.
  2. Technology is NOT an “easy button.”
  3. Good software fits your business, your business doesn’t fit good software.
  4. Investments in technology are never “done.”

Firms that ignore these truths waste money, time, and effort—and, ultimately, get left behind. Firms that embrace and manage these truths select, implement, adopt, and exploit technology to their advantage and realize the benefits of their investments.


Our clients fall into the latter group.

Technology Strategy Capabilities

Our people bring practical expertise to guide clients in choosing, developing, and integrating technology that genuinely works in their operations and delivers the business benefits of freight tech.

Digital Strategy and Planning

Develop a roadmap to leverage digital technologies for achieving business objectives, enhancing customer experiences, and staying competitive in the digital age.

Technology and Application Roadmapping

Create a strategic plan outlining the timeline, milestones, and dependencies for implementing technology initiatives and deploying specific applications.

Process Improvement

Identify inefficiencies and optimize workflows to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Change Management

Implement strategies to effectively manage organizational change, ensuring smooth transitions during technology adoption or process transformations.

Operating Model

Design the framework that defines how an organization operates, including its structure, processes, roles, and responsibilities, to align with strategic goals and optimize performance.

M&A Tech Due Diligence

Assess the technological infrastructure and capabilities of potential acquisition targets to mitigate risks, identify synergies, and ensure a successful integration.

Business & Technology Capability Mapping

Identify and align the essential business and technology capabilities required to achieve strategic objectives and drive innovation.

Buy / Build Analysis

Evaluate whether to acquire existing solutions or develop custom ones based on factors like cost, time-to-market, scalability, and strategic fit.

Architecture Design

Design the overall structure and framework of IT systems and applications to ensure scalability, flexibility, security, and alignment with business goals.

Cloud Migration

Transition IT infrastructure, applications, and data to cloud-based platforms to improve agility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and accessibility.

Tech Inventory Audit

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of existing technology assets, including hardware, software, and licenses, to optimize usage, reduce redundancy, and mitigate risks.

Future State Visioning

Envision the desired future state of technology and its impact on the organization’s operations, capabilities, and competitive positioning.

Data Strategy

Develop a comprehensive strategy for managing, analyzing, and leveraging data assets to drive insights, innovation, and business growth.

Our Work in Freight Tech Strategy

Case Study

3PL Technology Strategy

Metafora evaluates technology for the 3PL division to meet the business’s needs and the organization’s technical architecture as the business scales.


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What Clients Say

I would absolutely recommend Metafora to any organization looking for assistance with logistics or supply chain needs or how they structure their organization.

Troy Wiitanen

VP of Sales, Leonard’s Express

We’ve grown the team by threefold, and each new hire that we have seems to be getting ramped up and more productive even quicker, and that’s because of all of the great work Metafora did for us.

Chris Peckham

Vice President of Operations, FreightPlus

We got there years before we would have on our own if we hadn’t brought in Metafora. In three months, Metafora helped us focus and make progress on the highest impact areas.

Ryan Rogers

CTO, Covenant Transportation Group

Our Thinking on Freight Tech Strategy

Driving Technology Adoption

Metafora Chief Growth Officer, Ryan Schreiber, speaks with Jonathan Baker, Director of Education at TIA, about selecting, implementing, and driving adoption of the right tech in brokerages.

The Legacy Freight Tech Problem

Is outdated tech blocking your business growth?

Learn more about missed opportunities caused by old tech and how to stop wasting time & money on old systems. Understand how to move forward from old tech and accelerate your growth with cloud-based flexibility, automation, and sales appeal.

Old systems = missed opportunities.

The right freight tech is a growth accelerator.


White Paper - Legacy Tech Problem in Freight

Featured Technology Strategy Consultants

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins

VP of Engineering

Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett

VP of Product

Adam Perlmutter

Adam Perlmutter

Dir. of Industry Consulting

Andrea Pelczar

Andrea Pelczar

Senior Industry Consultant

More Technology Solutions

Software Selection & Implementation

We help you identify, choose, and implement applications that best fit your needs and operational requirements to meet your strategic goals.

Software Development

We help you conceive, specify, design, program, document, test, and manage applications tailored to your business needs and systems.

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