Transportation & Logistics: Software Selection and Implementation

Select and implement the right freight tech solution for you—not everyone else.

We help you select and implement third-party freight tech software that provides the efficiency, workflow, data, and visibility you need to compete.

Poor technology selection and poor implementation cause virtually every technology failure.

That’s not a vendor issue, that’s a buyer issue. Too many companies blame technology vendors for underperformance when the fault is actually theirs.


First, there are a lot of software choices in the market. Companies too frequently make the wrong choice because they lack sufficient expertise on the solutions or a firm grasp of their specific requirements. They get what we call “shiny object” syndrome and choose a platform that solves “a” problem—not “their” problem.  Second, companies fail to support and invest in the implementation of the software sufficiently. They neglect change management, training, and Day 1 readiness. The result is wasted money, lost time, frustrated users, and finger-pointing at technology vendors for “bad” solutions.


We are freight tech gurus who can help you both select and adopt the right technology for YOU. 

We identify the gaps between your current and future technology needs. Then, help you close them.

Technology Selection and Implementation Capabilities

Business Case Development

Craft a compelling rationale outlining the costs, benefits, and investment risks to secure stakeholder buy-in and guide decision-making toward profitable ventures.

Architecture Design

Design a scalable and adaptable IT architecture to support business objectives, enhance operational efficiency, and facilitate future growth.

Data Architecture and Governance

Establish frameworks and policies for managing and protecting data assets, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Software Selection

Methodically evaluate available software solutions to align with business requirements, ensuring optimal functionality, scalability, and return on investment.

Vendor Negotiation

Negotiate favorable terms and conditions with vendors to secure cost-effective contracts, minimize risks, and foster long-term partnerships.

Process Improvement:

Identify workflow inefficiencies and implement strategic changes to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

TMS Requirements Definition

Define the specific functional and operational requirements of a Transportation Management System (TMS) to optimize logistics processes, reduce transportation costs, and improve supply chain efficiency.

TMS Training & Implementation

Deliver training sessions and oversee the seamless integration and deployment of a Transportation Management System (TMS), ensuring rapid adoption and realization of benefits across the organization.

Training & Adoption

Provide comprehensive training programs and support to facilitate the successful adoption of new technologies, maximizing productivity and minimizing disruptions.

Our Work in Freight Tech Selection and Implementation

We provide valuable guidance as you navigate the selection, development, and integration of technology solutions that optimize your operations and unlock the desired benefits of freight tech.

Case Study

3PL TMS Selection

Growing 3PL engaged Metafora to select a new TMS to keep up with customer needs, scale growth, and provide optimal user experience. We created a vendor evaluation framework to drive the TMS selection process. Metafora created a short list of viable TMS providers based on must-have and nice-to-have business and technical requirements.


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What Clients Say

If you have something to build and could use help from industry experts and skilled engineers, we highly recommend Metafora. When it comes to software development, Metafora is available to guide, implement, and execute as needed.

Dan Weiss

Senior Vice President of Parcel Innovation Center, Transportation Insight

I would definitely recommend Metafora to other companies, specifically companies within our industry that are looking for an avenue to help them grow, expand, provide structure or career pathing within the organization… There’s a lot of hard work and fun!

Shannon Struzik

VP of People & Development, Leonard's Express

Metafora provides a lot of value to a carrier and to any other transportation company.  Personally, I benefited the most from the different views, and from the professionals that helped me see trucking and transportation from a different angle. That’s very helpful.

Pavel Botev

Owner & CEO, Logiflex

Our Thinking on Technology and Implementation

Driving Technology Adoption

Metafora Chief Growth Officer, Ryan Schreiber, speaks with Jonathan Baker, Director of Education at TIA, about selecting, implementing, and driving adoption of the right tech in brokerages.

The Legacy Freight Tech Problem

Is outdated tech blocking your business growth?

Learn more about missed opportunities caused by old tech and how to stop wasting time & money on old systems. Understand how to move forward from old tech and accelerate your growth with cloud-based flexibility, automation, and sales appeal.

Old systems = missed opportunities.

The right freight tech is a growth accelerator.


White Paper - Legacy Tech Problem in Freight

Featured Technology Consultants

Alex Philo

Alex Philo

VP of Consulting

Adam Perlmutter

Adam Perlmutter

Dir. of Industry Consulting

Joe Laskey

Joe Laskey

Sr Product Manager

More Technology Solutions

Technology Strategy

We assess current technology capabilities and identify gaps between current and future technology needs.

Software Development

We help you conceive, specify, design, program, document, test, and manage applications tailored to your business needs and systems.

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