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Buy the software you can. Build the software that differentiates you.

We develop proprietary freight tech software that provides the efficiency, workflow, data, and visibility you need separate from the crowd.

The best business results come from a hybrid approach to software.

Our motto: Buy what you can. Build what differentiates you in the market.

Building versus buying software solutions is a strategic business decision that involves many complex moving parts and affects a company years after its decision.

Many factors influence the decision to buy or build freight tech:

  • Market climate
  • Competitive advantage
  • Technology availability
  • Attractive off-the-shelf solutions
  • Company capabilities
  • Budget

In a tech/data-enabled industry, building software makes sense to power the things that are your “secret sauce” and differentiate you.


The secret to the sauce is knowing when AND how.

We Build Award-Winning Products

Metafora has been ranked as one of the top 25 companies in the Freight Tech Top 100 since 2018.

Freight Tech 25


Freight Tech 100

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

The Ultimate Buy vs Build Guide for Freight Tech

When it comes to your FreightTech, buy what you can, and build what will differentiate you.
That being said, this guide helps you decide when to buy and when to build.


Learn what you need to know to make this important tech decision.

Ebook - Ultimate Buy v Build Guide for Freight Tech

Our Thinking Software Development

Evaluating FreightTech: Prioritizing business needs and user enablement

Metafora Chief Growth Officer, Ryan Schreiber, talks with  Grace Sharkey at the 3PL Summit.  

Learn why implementing freight tech solutions requires understanding business needs, selecting partners that support users, capturing internal data, and ensuring scalability. 

Our team has experience across a wide array of technologies and solution development phases.

Software Development Capabilities

Product Design

Craft user-centric solutions that meet market needs, driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and market share.

Architecture Design

Develop scalable, secure, and efficient IT infrastructures and systems, ensuring agility, reliability, and alignment with business goals.

Agile Development

Iteratively deliver high-quality software solutions, enhancing speed-to-market, adaptability, and customer responsiveness.

Training and Adoption

Provide comprehensive training programs and resources to empower users, fostering rapid adoption, proficiency, and productivity gains.

Support and Maintenance

Offer timely and reliable technical support services, ensuring system uptime, performance optimization, and customer satisfaction.

Our Software Development Work

We provide valuable guidance as you navigate the selection, development, and integration of technology solutions that optimize your operations and unlock the desired benefits of freight tech.

Case Study

LTL Focused Multi-Carrier TMS Development

Metafora builds a Top 5 logistics company a multi-carrier LTL TMS from ideation to full-scale production that enables the company to increase its win rate and drive automation among small/medium-sized shippers for LTL freight.


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What Clients Say

If you have something to build and could use help from industry experts and skilled engineers, we highly recommend Metafora. When it comes to software development, Metafora is available to guide, implement, and execute as needed.

Dan Weiss

Senior Vice President of Parcel Innovation Center, Transportation Insight

I would definitely recommend Metafora to other companies, specifically companies within our industry that are looking for an avenue to help them grow, expand, provide structure or career pathing within the organization… There’s a lot of hard work and fun!

Shannon Struzik

VP of People & Development, Leonard's Express

Metafora provides a lot of value to a carrier and to any other transportation company.  Personally, I benefited the most from the different views, and from the professionals that helped me see trucking and transportation from a different angle. That’s very helpful.

Pavel Botev

Owner & CEO, Logiflex

Featured Technologists

Steven Godfrey

Steven Godfrey

Chief Delivery Officer

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins

VP of Engineering

Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett

VP of Product

Robert Moore

Robert Moore

Sr Engineer II

Lala Rabari

Lala Rabari

Sr. Engineer

David Silverman

David Silverman

Sr Engineer II

Adam Perlmutter

Adam Perlmutter

Dir. of Industry Consulting

Andrea Pelczar

Andrea Pelczar

Senior Industry Consultant

More Technology Solutions

Technology Strategy

We assess current technology capabilities and identify gaps between current and future technology needs.

Software Selection & Implementation

We help you identify, choose, and implement applications that best fit your needs and operational requirements to meet your strategic goals.

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