Supply Chain Management Consulting

Our supply chain experts step inside your organization to build and develop solutions that are timely, actionable, sustainable, and meet your business strategy. We believe in the power of developing supply chain insights through data visualization and data modeling to empower business decisions and remove digital silos. From building supply chain resilience to reinventing the supply chain sales & operations planning process, we are here to modernize the supply chain function. Let’s see how far your business can go.

Supply chain visualization

What are your pain points?

I think our supply chain function could be better.

The best way to figure this out is to complete an assessment to include benchmarks and gap analysis. You have to start somewhere. With assessment and benchmarking you’ll have a better frame of reference for the quality of your supply chain function. Metafora’s services aim to provide you with qualitative and quantitative evaluation of your supply chain performance with targeted steps to improve holistically:

  • Supply Chain Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Network Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Supply Chain Transformation Roadmap

We want to make better use of our data.

You need end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. This means integration into your ERP, TMS, and/or WMS. This enables proactive production planning, resource alignment, and inventory management. We recommend:

  • Supply Chain Visibility Strategy and Implementation
  • Supply Chain Insights
  • Control Tower Strategy
  • Tech Strategy

We need better insight to how our carriers are performing.

Metafora can work with your customers to identify key data points and implement tools to improve visibility into their supply chains to meet overall business goals.

  • Supply Chain Visibility Strategy and Implementation
  • Supply Chain Insights
  • Control Tower Strategy

I need a supply chain disruption plan.

A global pandemic, natural disasters, tariff wars, and other uncontrollable circumstances will continue to pose challenges to a supply chain. Metafora can develop disruption plans to support you and minimize the impacts of disruption to your business. We recommend:

  • Operating Model Redesign
  • Disruption Plan Development
  • Strategic Sourcing Strategy
  • Risk Management Tool Implementation

We’re worried that we are overpaying for transportation costs.

You should have a data-driven recommendation on transportation strategy and partners to pursue to minimize cost and risk. We recommend:

  • Transportation Sourcing
  • Transportation as a Managed Service
  • Transportation Planning

Our distribution centers can’t keep up with changing consumer buying habits.

Your distribution strategy needs to focus on additional capabilities like next day delivery and final mile strategies to meet consumer demand. Metafora offers:

  • Network Strategy
  • 3PL Vendor Selection
  • Sales and Operating Planning

We have no visibility into our transportation activity.

You need an expert technology partner to provide recommendations tailored for your business. Metafora can support you in your technology selection process and act as an advisor during the sourcing process.

  • TMS/WMS Vendor Selection
  • TMS Development

We are not meeting customer shipments because of inventory shortage issues.

This is often due to a lack of visibility into your manufacturing and demand planning processes. We seek to help customers move away from historical planning models. A shorter term consumption-based sales and operations planning process improves inventory management and visibility.

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting Application Selection and Implementation
  • Control Tower Strategy
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