Leverage APIs quickly, without taking time away from your product team.

Shippers, brokers, and carriers need to be able to easily share data from their systems with their partners’ systems programmatically. They also need to be able to integrate third-party data into their existing workflows.


Today companies are forced to log into multiple systems and duplicate data entry in order to run their businesses.


Most technology providers and vendors have public API’s available but being able to invest time and resources into actually leveraging these services could take weeks or months to prioritize and even longer to implement making it difficult for users to justify the investment.

Are you struggling with any of these pain points with API integrations?

Constantly having to do one off integrations?

This is time-consuming and inefficient. Socket eliminates the need for you to create several one-to-one connections as a one-to-many solution.

Mapping different fields for different parties asking for the same information?

This is a pain and your time could be better spent. Integrate one time with Socket and we will build and maintain the configurations for data flowing between your system and those of your customers.

Taking bandwidth away from your product teams to write integrations?

Enable your product team to focus on projects that differentiate your business by outsourcings your back end integrations.

Waiting to get your partners to prioritize your integrations?

Stop waiting on partners who are likely struggling with many of the same integration obstacles that you are. Socket is a freight-specific integration solution designed to help you and your partners connect more efficiently.

Managing integrations to maintain data flow?

Socket monitors and measures API calls.

Making time to focus on integrations at all?

With Socket, you can confidently outsource your API integrations to experts who thrive behind the scenes to help move the transportation and logistics industry forward.

This is why Metafora created Socket.


Socket is a configurable platform developed to enable easier, faster integration between shippers, brokers, and carriers, and technology providers while offloading maintenance and management of the integrations. Socket can consume API, EDI, and Flatfiles as inputs.


With Socket you can:

  • Increase connectivity with your customers, partners, and vendors
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase automation
  • Manage enterprise level integrations for a fraction of the cost
  • Minimize time to value realization
  • Reduce friction for business expansion
  • Trust that your data is secure
  • Have a consolidated integration point
  • Enjoy easy access to emerging technologies

Metafora is proud to be SOC2 compliant. Your security is our priority.


SOC 2 reports provide assurance over internal controls related to data security and privacy. Companies use SOC 2 reports to prove to internal and external stakeholders that they are securing data according to best practices. SOC 2 compliance is a requirement when considering a SaaS provider for security-conscious businesses.

Metafora is proud to be SOC2 compliant.

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