M&A Support Services from Metafora

Metafora is excited to announce the launch of a new, transportation and logistics specific M&A capability. Our team is positioned within the industry to guide businesses throughout various stages of the M&A lifecycle: Defining an M&A Strategy, Building a Target Pipeline, Conducting Due Diligence, Transactional Support, and Executing Integration Activities. Using 2021 as a launchpad, Metafora is dedicated to serving, growing, and disrupting the transportation and logistics space into 2022 and beyond.

Metafora’s Differentiated Approach

With the Metafora Advantage on your side as you work through your M&A journey, your business will benefit from our industry expertise, established client relationships, and core service offerings.

Metafora Advantage for M&A

How can M&A help support my organization's strategic vision and goals?

Just beginning your M&A journey? In this phase, you are defining goals, defining target criteria, defining guard rails, developing examples of ideal targets, and finalizing your M&A strategy.

Metafora is deeply plugged into the the transportation landscape. We have tight relationships with industry executives and key decision makers. We understand where the industry is heading and what companies like yours must do to remain competitive. We can help with:


  • Inorganic growth strategy 
  • Strategic and operating model assessment

How do I know what companies would be a good fit for us to merge with?

Strategy is set and you’re ready to select a target. In this phase, you are focused on: Target identification, target sourcing, target screening, deal structuring, readiness evaluation.
Our team has a thorough understanding of industry competitors, their operating models, and core values.
We also pride ourselves in our understanding of intangible, industry specific knowledge proves crucial when selecting target companies.
We can help with:


  • Target identification
  • Target sourcing
  • Readiness evaluation

How can I reduce my risk and be sure there’s no red flags with the business we are buying or selling?

Metafora has the high caliber talent and employee network required to execute Due Diligence work. We only work in the transportation & logistics space. This niche focus provides a deeper understanding of what to look for and why in the process of due diligence. You can lean on our experts for help with:


  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • HR Due Diligence
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Detailed Integration and separation planning

How can we ensure we capture the projected value of the transaction?

You’ve completed your M&A deal and it’s time to integrate. The Metafora Advantage in this phase is tried & true, modern & forward-thinking. We have a successful track record on numerous consulting engagements. From change management to design implementation, organizational design, compensation design, process improvement, and last but not least: culture; we’re your trusted partner. We can help with:


    • Integration/Separation strategy and management (IMO/SMO)
    • Value/Synergy capture
    • Day 1 & 2 Readiness; operating model design and transformation management (IMO/SMO)
    • TSA integration capability: Functional integration / specialist support, Commercial, Operations, Human Capital, IT

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