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We combine a unique mix of transportation and logistics veterans, experienced business consultants, and exceptional technologists to strengthen your M&A journey.

Reasons for choosing the M&A route vary, success drivers don't.

Whether a company is using M&A to acquire a new service capability, add a more powerful technology, enter a new geography, or build an investment portfolio, successful companies do 4 core things right.


Have a plan to “Win.”

Many strategic or financial buyers go into deals ill-equipped. Going into an M&A deal without a plan detailing how to “win” is dangerous. Without one, firms squander investments or acquire firms that never meet operational objectives.

Do their due diligence.

Unsuccessful firms go into deals blind or without adequately investigating, auditing, and verifying an acquisition or merger deal. Buyers need all the operational, HR, and financial information in advance to know exactly what they’re getting. Due diligence is critical for identifying potential problems, ensuring the deal complies with the purchasing firm’s criteria, confirming relevant deal information is true, and exposing information that could affect deal value.

Select the right M&A targets.

Unsuccessful buyers lack a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, operating models, and core values of target firms. Both parties must ensure their financial and operational objectives are aligned, prioritize organizational change, mitigate value erosion and risk, and improve how businesses function together once partnered.

Complete post-deal integration.

Most acquisitions fail to realize their projected value due to poor integration. Firms must provide optimal incentives across the new organization, improve processes and synergy between firms’ operations, harmonize cultures, boost operational readiness, and develop optimized management processes.


M&As in the transportation and logistics sector are complex. Doing the right things right maximizes the chances of success.

Metafora has developed a proprietary framework to rapidly assess, transform, build, and scale Freight Brokerages.

We support you through all stages of the M&A lifecycle.

M&A Support Capabilities


Strategic and Operating Model Assessment

Evaluate the alignment of target companies’ strategies and operational structures with the acquiring company’s objectives, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing synergies.

Target Identification

Identify potential acquisition targets that complement the acquiring company’s strategic direction and offer opportunities for growth and value creation.

Value/Synergy capture

Develop strategies to realize and maximize the synergies and value identified during the M&A process, optimizing financial performance and enhancing shareholder value.

Target Sourcing

Actively source and evaluate potential acquisition targets through market research, network connections, and industry analysis, facilitating strategic decision-making and expansion opportunities.

Inorganic Growth Strategy

Formulate strategies to drive growth through mergers and acquisitions, diversifying revenue streams, expanding market reach, and gaining competitive advantages.

Integration/Separation strategy and management (IMO/SMO)

Plan and manage the integration or separation of acquired or divested entities, ensuring operational continuity, minimizing disruptions, and capturing synergies effectively.

Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence

Assess target company’s market position, customer base, and growth potential to inform investment decisions and identify revenue enhancement opportunities.

IT Due Diligence

Evaluate the target company’s IT infrastructure, systems, and cybersecurity measures to assess risks, compatibility, and integration requirements, ensuring seamless post-acquisition operations.

HR Due Diligence

Analyze the target company’s workforce, organizational structure, and human resource policies to assess cultural fit, talent retention risks, and potential synergies, facilitating smooth integration and talent management strategies.

Operational Due Diligence

Review the target company’s operational processes, efficiency, and scalability to identify opportunities for cost savings, process improvements, and operational synergies, enhancing post-acquisition performance and value creation.


TSA Integration

Integrate Transition Service Agreements (TSAs) effectively to facilitate the transfer of services, operations, and resources between the buyer and seller, ensuring business continuity and minimizing disruptions during the transition period.
Day 1 & 2 Readiness: operating model design and transformation management 


Ensure readiness for post-acquisition operations by designing and implementing an efficient operating model, managing organizational transformation effectively, and minimizing operational risks and disruptions.

Integration and Separation Planning

Develop comprehensive plans for integrating or separating acquired or divested entities, including timelines, resource allocation, and risk mitigation strategies, ensuring smooth transitions and value realization.

Readiness Evaluation

Assess the readiness of both the acquiring and target companies for integration or separation, identifying gaps, risks, and opportunities, and developing action plans to address them, ensuring successful post-deal execution and value creation.

Our M&A Work

Case Study

TL Market Study and Investment Thesis Validation for Multi-Billion dollar PE fund

Metafora helps a large private equity fund validate an investment thesis in a new Transportation and Logistics Industry sub-sector with a critical market study.


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What clients say about Metafora

If you have something to build and could use help from industry experts and skilled engineers, we highly recommend Metafora. When it comes to software development, Metafora is available to guide, implement, and execute as needed.

Dan Weiss

Senior Vice President of Parcel Innovation Center, Transportation Insight

I would definitely recommend Metafora to other companies, specifically companies within our industry that are looking for an avenue to help them grow, expand, provide structure or career pathing within the organization… There’s a lot of hard work and fun!

Shannon Struzik

VP of People & Development, Leonard's Express

Metafora provides a lot of value to a carrier and to any other transportation company.  Personally, I benefited the most from the different views, and from the professionals that helped me see trucking and transportation from a different angle. That’s very helpful.

Pavel Botev

Owner & CEO, Logiflex

Driving Technology Adoption

Metafora Chief Growth Officer, Ryan Schreiber, speaks with Jonathan Baker, Director of Education at TIA, about selecting, implementing, and driving adoption of the right tech in brokerages.

The Legacy Freight Tech Problem

Is outdated tech blocking your business growth?

Learn more about missed opportunities caused by old tech and how to stop wasting time & money on old systems. Understand how to move forward from old tech and accelerate your growth with cloud-based flexibility, automation, and sales appeal.

Old systems = missed opportunities in freight.

The right freight tech is a growth accelerator.


White Paper - Legacy Tech Problem in Freight

Featured M&A Consultants

Peter Rentschler

Peter Rentschler


Steven Godfrey

Steven Godfrey

Chief Delivery Officer

Alex Philo

Alex Philo

VP of Consulting

Adam Perlmutter

Adam Perlmutter

Dir. of Industry Consulting

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