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Align your business objectives, processes, and technology with data-driven strategies

We help 3PLs, carriers, and shippers of all sizes move from outdated business practices to peak performance.

Inefficient technology selection, implementation, and management cost you a ton of money.

We have a practical approach to transportation and logistics technology: Technology should enable optimized business processes; processes should not be designed to accommodate technology. It’s smarter to have crappy technology with optimized efficient business processes than to have the best technology with really inefficient processes. 

Too often, we see buyers get distracted by the “shiny object” and mistakenly invest in technology that is neither aligned with the business’ vision nor applied to a core operating system strong enough to benefit.  


We help you realize the full potential of your tech investments because we focus on the areas that enable them.

We help 3PLs, carriers, and shippers of all sizes move from outdated business practices to peak performance.

Business Consulting Capabilities

Business Assessment & Benchmarking

We evaluating business performance against industry standards and competitors, identifying opportunities for improvement and maintaining a competitive edge.

Business Process Assessment

Analyze operational workflows to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs while improving overall performance.

Business Process Documentation

Document operational procedures and workflows to ensure consistency, compliance, and knowledge transfer within the organization.

Capacity Strategy

Develop plans to optimize resource utilization, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to meet current and future demand.

Carrier Sales Strategy

Craft strategies to attract and retain carrier partnerships, optimizing freight rates, service levels, and supply chain efficiency.

Compensation Structure

Design fair and competitive compensation plans to motivate employees, attract top talent, and align with business objectives.

Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

Assess competitors’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to identify market opportunities, threats, and areas for differentiation.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Develop plans to effectively launch and promote products or services, maximizing market penetration, revenue generation, and customer acquisition.

Assessment & Benchmarking

Evaluate organizational performance against industry standards and competitors, and identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities.

Network Analysis and Benchmarking

Analyze supply chain networks to identify inefficiencies, optimize routes, and improve overall performance compared to industry benchmarks.

Hiring Plans and Roadmapping

Strategically plan workforce needs and recruitment strategies to ensure talent acquisition aligns with business objectives, fostering growth and innovation.

Improving Interview Guidelines

Enhance interview processes and criteria to identify and attract top talent, improving hiring success rates and team performance.

Load Planning

Optimize freight distribution and transportation logistics to minimize costs, improve efficiency, and meet delivery deadlines.

Non-Asset Capacity Strategy

Develop strategies to leverage external capacity resources, optimizing resource utilization, and reducing operational costs.

Network Strategy

Design an efficient and resilient supply chain network to minimize lead times, reduce transportation costs, and enhance customer service.

Operating Model Redesign

Structure organizational processes and workflows to improve agility, responsiveness, and overall performance.

Process Improvement

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in operational workflows to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Process Mapping

Visualize and analyze workflows to identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and improvement opportunities, optimizing operations and resource allocation.

Restructuring Compensation

Design and implement fair and motivating compensation structures to attract, retain, and incentivize talent, enhancing employee satisfaction and performance.

Account Management

Develop and maintain relationships with key clients or customers, ensuring satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business.

3PL Vendor Selection

Select third-party logistics partners based on performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, improving supply chain efficiency and flexibility.

Control Tower Strategy

Implement centralized oversight and coordination of supply chain activities to improve visibility, responsiveness, and decision-making.

Demand Planning and Forecasting Application Selection and Implementation

Select and deploy software solutions to accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory levels, and reduce stockouts.

Disruption Plan Development

Create strategies and contingency plans to mitigate risks and minimize disruptions to supply chain operations, ensuring business continuity.

Risk Management Tool Implementation

Deploy tools and processes to identify, assess, and mitigate risks across the supply chain, protecting assets, reputation, and continuity.

Sales and Operations Planning

Align sales forecasts with production and supply chain capabilities to optimize resource allocation, minimize inventory costs, and meet customer demand.

Strategic Sourcing Strategy

Develop plans to procure goods and services strategically, optimizing costs, quality, and supplier relationships.

Supply Chain Assessment and Benchmarking

Evaluate supply chain performance against industry benchmarks, identifying improvement opportunities and enhancing competitiveness.

Supply Chain Transformation Roadmap

Develop strategic plans to overhaul and modernize supply chain operations, improving agility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Visibility Strategy and Implementation

Implement technologies and processes to provide real-time visibility into supply chain activities, enhancing decision-making and responsiveness.

Our Business Consulting Work

Case Study

Capacity Provider Compensation and Operating Model Alignment

High-growth capacity provider realigns compensation design and operating model to maximize employee productivity after business, technology, and people investments.


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What clients say

I would absolutely recommend Metafora to any organization looking for assistance with logistics or supply chain needs or how they structure their organization.

Troy Wiitanen

VP of Sales, Leonard’s Express

We’ve grown the team by threefold, and each new hire that we have seems to be getting ramped up and more productive even quicker, and that’s because of all of the great work Metafora did for us.

Chris Peckham

Vice President of Operations, FreightPlus

We got there years before we would have on our own if we hadn’t brought in Metafora. In three months, Metafora helped us focus and make progress on the highest impact areas.

Ryan Rogers

CTO, Covenant Transportation Group

Our Thinking

Digital Transformation Trends in the Transportation Industry

Metafora CEO Peter Rentschler talks with FreightWaves founder and CEO Craig Fuller about the value of modern integrations and connectivity in transportation and logistics.

Variable Compensation for Freight Brokers, 3PLs, Intermediaries

Poorly structured variable compensation can inhibit your business progress and growth. It creates negative morale, confuses & distracts your employees, causes low performance, and increases turnover. 


Learn the four keys to creating a successful variable compensation strategy that enables your growth.

Variable Compensation Guide for Freight Brokers, 3PLs, Intermediaries

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Alex Philo

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Adam Perlmutter

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Andrea Pelczar

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