Agile Coaching

Are you looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of your software development team?


Our service, Metafora Agile Coaching, specializes in teaching tech teams how to improve and maximize their practice of agile methodology, a proven approach for managing and completing software development projects on time and within budget. Our expert instructors will work with your team to understand your unique challenges and tailor a customized training plan that fits your organization’s specific needs.


With our training, your team will learn to be more adaptive, collaborative, and responsive to changing project requirements. Upgrade your team’s skills, improve your project outcomes, and drive your company to the next level, fast.

Agile for Freight Tech

Are you experiencing any of these common pain points?

We have low employee morale & engagement.

Teams that are not practicing agile often experience burnout, low morale, and high turnover due to a lack of clear goals, priorities, and feedback. Our Agile Coaching Program will help you:

  • Form empowered autonomous teams where decisions can be made by the employees who are actually doing the work
  • Create alignment with a mission-focused organization

Our productivity levels seem low.

Teams that are not following a clear and consistent agile methodology can struggle with disjointed processes, leading to slow development cycles, miscommunication, and lack of accountability. With a solid agile practice, you directly tackle inefficient processes that are attacking your productivity levels. Metafora’s Agile Coaching Program will get you to a place where you:

  • Realize productivity gains with more effective communication, collaboration and responding quickly to customer demands

We keep missing deadlines.

Missing deadlines often indicates a lack of flexibility: Teams that are not practicing agile can find it difficult to quickly pivot in response to changing priorities or requirements. This results in wasted time and missed deadlines.

Agile methods manage changing requirements with short development cycles, gathering feedback and frequently delivering value to the customer. Metafora Agile Coaching will teach your software development team to be:

  • More flexible and able to smartly pivot as needed
  • Better prepared to tackle changing priorities or requirements

Our larger team is not aligned on our projects.

Misalignment among leadership and development teams is usually the result of poor stakeholder communication. Without a structured approach to agile, it can be difficult for engineering teams to effectively communicate with stakeholders, leading to misunderstandings and frustration.

Metafora Agile Coaching provides

    • Actionable communication guidance
    • Alignment best practices

We struggle with QA, bugs, and broken features.

Teams that are not using agile practices may struggle with quality control, leading to bugs and broken features. Metafora Agile Coaching sets your team up with: .

      • An Optimized QA Structure

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