Case Study

3PL Technology Strategy

Metafora evaluates technology for the 3PL division to meet the business’s needs and the organization’s technical architecture as the business scales.

Executive Summary

Industry: 3PL

Services: Truckload and Enterprise customers with single-source freight contracts

Revenue: $500M+


The client engaged Metafora to evaluate technology for the 3PL division to meet the needs of the business and technical architecture of the organization. Metafora identified business & technical criteria for the enterprise technology needs and recommended a blended strategy of 3rd-party and proprietary technology to support various needs as the business scales.


Goal: Evaluate technology for the 3PL division to prepare the organization to scale growth.


  • Technology had been developed internally with outdated technology frameworks and processes
  • Competitors in the space had accelerated ahead of the business and used technology as a driver of growth


  • Metafora recommended vetted, viable vendors for the business that would be viable options to grow their technology capabilities leading to a $20M+ investment in technology over 5 years
  • Metafora advised the business on the next steps in its technology strategy and actions to take to respond to competitors
  • The client moved forward with a recommendation on technology strategy involving COTS and proprietary technology to address the needs of the enterprise

Technology in Play


  • TMS


  • Turvo
  • Trimble
  • Blue Yonder
  • Metafora 



Assess Process & Functionality

Assess day-to-day process and required functionality for each of the business units in scope through seat-level interviews

Assess Enterprise Architecture

Assess the enterprise architecture to understand complexities and requirements for the evaluation of vendors

Develop technology strategy

Develop technology strategy, including current and future functional business needs, technical architecture to support scale, and appropriate mix of commercial off-the-shelf 3rd-party software and in-house proprietary

Provide TMS Recommendations

Provide a recommendation of TMS providers that will meet the required functionality and infrastructure standards

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