Moving forward through collaboration

Metafora+ is a partnership network for the thinkers, the leaders, the innovators in the logistics space. Logistics is facing challenges – and when we can work together, support each other, solve problems together, we can all benefit.  We are looking for partners who see the big picture and see how we can help each other to bring new, big ideas to the table for our customers and yours.

Benefits of Partnering with Metafora+

Expand Your Marketing Reach

Get your message out to our large and growing network of transportation companies and providers. As a partner, you'll enjoy features on our blog, podcast, and social content.

Connect with Our Impressive Client Network

Improve your own customer relationships and increase close rates through cross-selling with our suite of products and services.

Gain access to Socket

Socket is a configurable platform developed to enable easier, faster integration between shippers, brokers, carriers, and technology providers while offloading maintenance and management.

Metafora+ Also Offers

  • A co-branded press release sharing the partnership news
  • Quarterly co-branded social posts
  • A partner feature on The Extra Mile Podcast
  • Opportunities to engage in thought leadership pieces. For example, quotes on our blog or guest spots on our own: The Extra Mile Podcast
  • Improve customer relationships and increase close rates through cross-selling

Our Partners

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