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Our mission at Metafora is to help your business overcome roadblocks toward progress and growth, so we can move the transportation & logistics industry forward and contribute to a more efficient world together. Sharing knowledge, expertise, ideas, and guidance is a huge part of this. We have developed these resources in the hope that you will find them useful, valuable, and thought provoking. As always, if you have any comments, questions, or interesting non-sequiturs, please contact us here!

You can download each resource with the links below

Ebook: The Ultimate Buy vs Build Guide for Freight Tech

White Paper: Freight Audit Automation by Metafora + Navix

White Paper: The Legacy Tech Problem in Freight

Guide: Variable Comp for Brokers, 3PLs, Intermediaries

Ebook: Risk Mgmt in Transportation & Logistics

White Paper: Data Transparency in Supply Chain

The Best Ever Holiday Gift Guide in T&L

Carrier Survey Report from Burns Logistics + Metafora

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