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Experts in the selection, development, and adoption of freight tech

Metafora is a technology consulting firm focused on transportation, logistics, and supply chain. Together with our clients, we are driving the transportation and logistics industry towards a more efficient world. 

Are you a 3PL, carrier, shipper or freight tech company trying to achieve superior business outcomes through technology?

Our people bring practical expertise in strategy, operations, and technology to guide clients in choosing, developing, and integrating technology that genuinely works in their operations and delivers the business benefits.


Technology Consulting

We help you select, develop, and adopt the best technology to match your business goals.

Tech-enable Services

We offer turnkey, enterprise-level delivery solutions that minimize costs, enhance performance, and accelerate value realization.

M&A Support

We rapidly assess the business and commercial strength of potential acquisition targets, then, help integrate, transform, and grow them.

Business Consulting

We align business objectives, processes, and technology with data-driven strategies to transform supply chains into strategic assets.

We are Metafora

We are experts on what it takes to operate transportation and logistics with maximum efficiency and profitability.

We help you seize the opportunities you’ve identified, foresee the problems you haven’t, and lay out roadmaps to attack both.


We are transportation and logistics.

Metafora = μεταφορά μεταφορά

Noun. Transport, transportation.

Some call it consulting, we call it driving business forward.

Making every crate count. And, every innovation matter.

We are not in the business of delivering things, we’re in the business of delivering your company to the next level.

We got there years before we would have on our own if we hadn’t brought in Metafora. In three months, Metafora helped us focus and make progress on the highest impact areas.

Ryan Rogers

CTO, Covenant Transportation Group

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What Clients Say

If you have something to build and could use help from industry experts and skilled engineers, we highly recommend Metafora. When it comes to software development, Metafora is available to guide, implement, and execute as needed.

Dan Weiss

Senior Vice President of Parcel Innovation Center, Transportation Insight

I would definitely recommend Metafora to other companies, specifically companies within our industry that are looking for an avenue to help them grow, expand, provide structure or career pathing within the organization… There’s a lot of hard work and fun!

Shannon Struzik

VP of People & Development, Leonard's Express

Metafora provides a lot of value to a carrier and to any other transportation company.  Personally, I benefited the most from the different views, and from the professionals that helped me see trucking and transportation from a different angle. That’s very helpful.

Pavel Botev

Owner & CEO, Logiflex

I would absolutely recommend Metafora to any organization looking for assistance with logistics or supply chain needs or how they structure their organization.

Troy Wiitanen

VP of Sales, Leonard’s Express

We’ve grown the team by threefold, and each new hire that we have seems to be getting ramped up and more productive even quicker, and that’s because of all of the great work Metafora did for us.

Chris Peckham

Vice President of Operations, FreightPlus

We got there years before we would have on our own if we hadn’t brought in Metafora. In three months, Metafora helped us focus and make progress on the highest impact areas.

Ryan Rogers

Founder & CEO, TextLocate

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