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We are Metafora, and we are collaborative experts in all things transportation, logistics and supply chain strategy and technology. We are on a mission to help companies overcome obstacles toward progress and growth, so we can contribute to a more efficient world together. We provide: Management Consulting, Technology Strategy, and Software Development. 

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We’re your trusted partner for all things transportation. A guidance system providing logistics, supply chain solutions and technology strategies to take your business to new heights.


We are a values-driven team that delivers on experience and elevates your systems from the ground up.

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Intermediaries, 3PLs, Freight Brokerages, Managed Transportation Providers,

Innovating at the intersections of now and five years down the line means being truly proactive about risk management for your team and your business. What would you do if you lost a big client or a valuable team member? Download our free ebook to get actionable tips for some worst case scenarios.

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In 2011, we started solving problems as outsourced sales connecting regional LTL carriers and large 3PLs. Having worked at the intersection of trucking and logistics, people began asking us how they could run their businesses better.


As our company grew, we kept seeing incomplete strategies without technology and vice versa. To serve the needs of our industry, in 2016 we started building software for our customers. Some call it consulting, we call it driving business forward. Making every load count. And every innovation matter.


We are Metafora. Let’s see how far your business can go.



Here, it’s always lights up, and we’re always ready to roll. Whether you are a legacy player, startup, or multi-modal giant, learn how we can help every company in transportation move a little faster.

See how far your business can go

See how far your business can go by working smarter now, to avoid having to work harder later. Download our Risk Management Ebook to learn about stress testing for intermediaries, and get our pro tips on how to avoid or minimize impact in an unfortunate scenario.

Poorly structured variable compensation is a serious blocker to your transportation or freight business progress and growth. It can create negative morale, confuse & distract your employees, cause low performance, and increase turnover. Download our Free Guide to Variable Compensation and improve your incentive strategy. At Metafora, we are a tailwind of possibility, pushing your transportation business to places it’s always wanted to go.

Data transparency is the foundation of modern business. Download our supply chain white paper to read about seven ways data transparency drives supply chain profitability.At Metafora, we are not in the business of delivering things, we’re in the business of delivering your company to the next level, fast.